Why Waagene Purifiner?

Waagene Oil Purifiner is a 'bypass' oil maintenance system that connects to a hydraulic or lubricating system to continuously remove water and particles.

The root cause of many mechanical failures is contaminated oil and fuel. By maintaining oil and fuel quality by removing water and particulates, there will be less mechanical failures and downtime, reduced operating costs and consumption, and enhanced life of the equipment. Combined, the significant benefits of maintaining oil quality will make your business 'greener'.

Waagene Oil Purifiner is designed for continuous maintenance of hydraulic and lubricating oils. Feedback from our users is that the Waagene Oil Purifiner is a minimal investment that offers savings over the short term. In the longer term it provides significant savings by extending the interval for oil changes and reducing maintenance costs. There is also minimal consumption of filter cartridges since the water is not absorbed in the filter cartridge, but rather evaporates away.

Waagene Purifiner has been sold internationally for over 15 years and provides the best oil cleaning and oil maintenance, at the lowest cost.

  • Continuous maintenance of oil and diesel gives the best result
  • Gives the best result for cleaning oil
  • Cotton filter + evaporation of water
  • Most reliable technology on the market
  • Lowest operating costs on the market
  • Provides significant cost savings
  • Small investment with a fast return on investment
  • Extends oil lifetime 10 to 15 times
  • Provides considerable environmental benefits
  • 3,000 units delivered worldwide
  • Excellent references in various industries
  • Always clean oil
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