purifiner factory

Engineer Aage S. Waagene started his air compressors engineering business in  in 1976, selling and servicing compressors and pneumatic tools. The company represented were FF Air AS Denmark and ABAC Group in Italy. 

In 1999 the company started developing an oil treatment system for hydraulic and lubricating oils, and the products was launched in 2001. In the early years, the company targeted the domestic shipping industry, and later entered the international market. The global shipping industry found the Wågene solution to be a highly effective means of keeping oil clean by removing particles and water.

In 2011 the company sold off its compressed air operations to focus entirely on oil maintenance. In recent years the maintenance of diesel has also come onto the market.

The company changed its name to Waagene Purifiner Technology AS in 2011 and has focused on building up a network of agents and retailers to supply the shipping industry worldwide. And have delivered more than 3,000 cleaner units to shipping, offshore and industry. Two of our major customers are Carnival Cruises, the world’s largest cruise line, and Bourbon Offshore France, one of the world’s largest supply ship companies.

We will continue to breaking new ground by:

  • reducing costs and consumption of oil
  • reducing costs of loss and damage caused by contaminated oil 
  • providing considerable environmental benefits