WPD-600 Diesel Purifier in Cabinet


When diesel is bulk stored without treatment for extended periods it will become contaminated with water and particulates. This is harmful to an engine as it can clog filters, damage fuel injectors
or cause total engine failure.

WPD-600 Diesel Purifier offer a simple and reliable solution. Through a process of recirculation fuel is continually passed through a series of filters, removing the harmful contaminants and maintaining an optimum EN590 level of cleanliness.

With a flow rate of 10 litres per minute, the WPD-600 is recommended for tanks holding up to 7,500 litres of fuel (dependent upon tank and fuel condition).

Removes water

Advanced water coalescing filters remove virtually all free and emulsified water which can damage engine injectors.

Removes bacteria and solid particles

Single and multi-stage filtration removes solid and microbial contamination to 2 microns or less.

Reliable fuel quality

Fuel is maintained to surpass ISO 4406’s 18/16/13 standard of cleanliness and EN590’s 200ppm level of water content.